March Shows in NYC!

What's up, everybody? It's March. It's cold (most of the time). But we are here with some fire theatre to heat things up. Don't miss these must see shows!


@ The Pershing Square Signature Center
 until March 25

Edward Albee, the master of brutal, quick, and raw dialogue, is revived in spectacular fashion with Lila Neugebauer's double header of Homelife and The Zoo Story. Act 1 is Homelife, which begins as all dreaded conversations do with a, "we should talk." What should have been a quiet day reading for Peter turns into an unforgettable, raw moment in their marriage as he and his wife, Ann, uncover dark truths about each other. Act 2 picks up right where we left off after Peter leaves his house to go to Central park where he meets a drifter, Jerry, in Albee's 1958 classic, The Zoo Story. How far are we willing to go to connect with one another?


Ann - Katie Finneran
Peter - Robert Sean Leonard
Jerry - Paul Sparks

Produced by Signature Theatre
Written by Edward Albee
Directed by Lila Neugebauer
Scenic Design - Andrew Lieberman
Costume Design - Kaye Voyce
Lighting Design - Japhy Weideman
Sound Design - Bray Poor
Fight Direction - UnkleDave's Fight House
Production Stage Manager - David Lurie-Perret


@ New York Theatre Workshop
 until March 25

Azeem is trying to get ahead at his bank, reconcile with his wife's decision to embrace a headscarf, and his parents' patriarchal relationship. Though he is a secular Muslim, Azeem begins to feel frustrated with British society as he can never seem to be seen other than his religious identity. He is caught in the immigrant catch-22: To declare your identity and be dragged down, or keep your head down and lose your heritage. 


Saima Khan – Purva Bedi
Akeel Bhatti – Ranjit Chowdhry
Azeem Bhatti – Sanjit De Silva
Javeria Bhatti-Mirza – Angel Desai
David Adkins – Andrew Hovelson
Irman Jameel – Harsh Nayyar
Hamza Jameel – Sathya Sridharan
Malika Bhatti – Rita Wolf

Produced by New York Theatre Workshop
Written by Hammaad Chaudry
Directed by Jo Bonney
Scenic design - Neil Patel
Costume design - Susan Hilferty
Lighting design - Lap Chi Chu
Sound design - Elisheba Ittoop
Fight direction - Thomas Schall
Dialect coach - Dawn-Elin Fraser
Stage Management - Lori Ann Zepp


IS GOD IS @ Soho Rep until March 31

Racine and Anaia are two sisters who have been severely burned as children. Racine has scars along her arm and Anaia's face is completely disfigured. One day they get a letter from their estranged mother, whom Racine refers to as God ("She created us, didn't she?"), to visit them in the hospital, where she has been staying for the last 20 or so years. When the sisters arrive, they are shocked to see that God's whole body is burnt and she is dying. Her final wish? Kill your father who did this to us and bring back a souvenir. Thus the two sisters journey to the west for righteous vengeance and bloody justice.


Man – Teagle F. Bougere
Riley – Anthony Cason
Angie – Nehassaiu deGannes
God/She – Jessica Frances Dukes
Scotch – Caleb Eberhardt
Anaia – Alfie Fuller
Chuck Hall – Michael Genet
Racine – Dame-Jasmine Hughes

Produced by Soho Rep
Written by Aleshea Harris
Directed by Taibi Magar
Scenic Design - Adam Rigg
Costume Design - Montana Levi Blanco
Lighting Design - Matthew Richards
Sound Design - Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Fight Direction - J. David Brimmer
Hair and Wig Design - Cookie Jordan
Props Design - Samantha Shoffner


@ The Duke on 42nd Street
until March 24

William works for NASA, tracking the location of Voyager 1 as it is about to break through to interstellar space. Betsy and Shoshana have been trying to have a baby for a while but have been unsuccessful. Tired of all the failed IVFs, she finally asks William if he would be her sperm donor. Will he accept? Can he really handle it? Family, space, and relationships collide in this cosmic tale of self-discovery.


Shoshana - Dana Berger
Betsy - Kaaron Briscoe
Freddy - Jon Hoche
The Farthest Explorer - Olivia Oguma
William - Jeffrey Omura

Produced by The Playwrights Realm
Written by Don Nguyen
Directed by Jade King Carroll
Set Design - Kimie Nishikawa
Costume Design - Ari Fulton
Sound Design - Elisheba Ittoop
Light Design - Nicole Pearce
Stage Manager - Kara Kaufman