March On!

Heyooooo! This month actually has a BUNCH of great shows but we were a little short of time and couldn’t see them all… SO, we decided to shout out the ones we were super interested in and share them here too!

@ Playwrights Horizons
until Mar. 31

Akim is the prettiest girl in her town, receiving the adoration of everybody… Well, nearly everybody. When a boy (Kasim) turns on one of her friends to start flirting with Akim, all bets are off. With live music and fantastic dancing, this modern folktale explores womanhood and what it means to chase beauty.


Rotimi Agbabiaka — Chorus
Maechi Aharanwa — Ma
Jason Bowen — Dad
Antoinette Crowe-Legacy — Massassi
Leland Fowler — Kasim
Níkẹ Uche Kadri — Akim
Mirirai Sithole — Adama
Phumzile Sitole — Kaya
Carla R. Stewart — The Voice of the River

Produced by Playwrights Horizons
Written by Tori Sampson
Directed by Leah C. Gardiner
Choreographed by Raja Feather Kelly
Scenic Designer – Louisa Thompson
Costume Designer – Dede Ayite
Lighting Designer – Matt Frey
Original Music & Sound Design – Ian Scot
Hair & Wig Designer – Cookie Jordan
Production Stage Manager – Alyssa K. Howard
Assistant Stage Manager – Noah Silva


MARYS SEACOLE @ Claire Tow Theater until Apr. 7

Mary Seacole was a 19th century Jamaican nurse who tended to the soldiers fighting in the Crimean War. Generations later, black caretakers all over the world continue to uphold her legacy. Merging history with the present day, Marys Seacole is an extraordinary, dream-like, exploration of black migrants who are paid to care.


Gabby Beans - Mamie
Quincy Tyler Bernstine - Mary
Marceline Hugot - Merry
Karen Kandel – Duppy Mary
Ismenia Mendes - Miriam
Lucy Taylor - May

Produced by LCT3
Written by Jackie Sibblies Drury
Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz
Scenic Designer – Mariana Sanchez
Costume Designer – Kaye Voyce
Lighting Designer – Jiyoun Chang
Sound Designer – Palmer Hefferan
Stage Manager – Charles M. Turner III  


DADDY @ The Signature Theatre until Mar. 31

“Franklin (Ronald Peet), a young black artist on the verge of his first show, meets Andre (Alan Cumming), an older white art collector, and before long their feverish link deepens into an irresistible bond. But when Franklin’s Christian mother, Zora (Charlayne Woodard), decides that her son is in peril, she enters into a battle of wills with Andre over the soul of the man they both call baby. Basquiats and Birkins, gospel and pop, and fantasy and reality collide around a Bel Air swimming pool in this deeply surreal exploration of intimacy and identity.” - from official website.


Carrie Compere - Gospel Choir
Alan Cumming - Andre
Tommy Dorfman - Max
Kahyun Kim - Bellamy
Denise Manning - Gospel Choir
Hari Nef - Alessia
Onyie Nwachukwu - Gospel Choir
Ronald Peet - Franklin
Charlayne Woodard - Zora

Produced by Vineyard Theatre + The New Group
Written by Jeremy O. Harris
Directed by Danya Taymor
Scenic Designer - Matt Saunders
Costume Designer - Montana Levi Blanco
Lighting Designer - Isabella Byrd
Hair, Wig, and Make Up Designer - Cookie Jordan
Original Music & Sound Designer - Lee Kinney
Original Vocal Music & Vocal Arrangements - Darius Smith and Brett Macias
Music Supervision - Brett Macias
Intimacy and Fight Directior - Claire Warden
Movement Director - Darrell Grand Moultrie
Doll Designer - Tschabalala Self


HATEFUCK @ WP Theater until Mar. 31

“Passions ignite when Layla, an intense literature professor, accuses Imran, a brashly iconoclastic novelist, of trading in anti-Muslim stereotypes. But as their attraction grows into something more, they discover that good sex doesn’t always make good bedfellows. Conflicting cultural identities collide in this thornily clever antidote to a “meet-cute” romance.” - from official website.


Kavi Ladnier - Layla
Sendhil Ramamurthy - Imran

Produced by WP Theater + Colt Coeur
Written by Rehana Lew Mirza
Directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt
Scenic Designer - Anshuman Bhatia
Costume Designer - Sarita Fellows
Lighting Designer - Barbara Samuels
Sound Designer - Joanna Lynne Staub