It's been such a wild ride. This project is a labor of love and the fact that we were able to put together a full season is kind of incredible. I never seriously thought this show would materialize like it did. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS, VIEWERS, AND GUESTS!! We'll be back in the fall. In the meantime, I'll be updating this blog for show recommendations and some of my personal theatre adventures! Also, follow us on social media @REtheatreNYC!

Anyway, below are the fantastic shows we saw this month:


OUR LADY OF 121ST STREET @ The Signature Center until June 17

The sudden death of Sister Rose and the theft of her corpse brings together the various people from her life. Some from around the neighborhood, others from across the nation, but all have to reconcile the enormous impact her life had on them, and what her death has resurrected.


Joey Auzenne – Balthazar
Erick Betancourt – Edwin
Quincy Tyler Bernstine – Inez
Maki Borden – Pinky
Jimonn Cole – Flip
John Doman – Father Lux
Dierdre Friel – Sonia
Hill Harper – Rooftop
Kevin Isola – Gail
Stephanie Kurtzuba – Marcia
Paola Lazaro - Norca
John Procaccino – Victor

Produced by Signature Theatre
Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Directed by Phylicia Rashad
Scenic Designer - Walt Spangler
Costumer Designer - Alexis Forte
Lighting Designer - Keith Parham
Sound Designer - Robert Kaplowitz
Hair & Wig Design - Cookie Jordan
Dialect Coach - Susan Finch
Production SM - Charles M. Turner III

The Great Leap.jpg

THE GREAT LEAP @ Atlantic Theater Stage II until June 24

June, 1989. Student protests are exploding all over Beijing against the communist government. Meanwhile, across the ocean in San Francisco, a young Chinese American baller (Manford) successfully begs the university basketball coach to put him on the team that is set to play China in an international friendly. This is his best opportunity to prove to the world that he isn't just a good Chinatown baller, but a world class baller. However, what awaits Manford in China goes deeper than just the game, as personal and political history go head to head on the court. 


Ali Ahn – Connie
Ned Eisenberg – Saul
Tony Aidan Vo – Manford
BD Wong – Wen Chang

Produced by Atlantic Theater Company
Written by Lauren Yee
Directed by Taibi Magar
Scenic Designer – Takeshi Kata
Costume Designer – Tilly Grimes
Lighting Designer – Eric Southern
Sound & Original Compositions – Broken Chord
Projection Designer – David Bengali
Movement Director – Jesse Perez
Production SM – Lura Smith
Assistant SM – Kaleigh Bernier


SUGAR IN OUR WOUNDS @ New York City Center Stage II until July 8

"On a plantation during the Civil War, a mystical tree stretches toward heaven. It protects James, a young slave, while he reads newspapers about the imminent possibility of freedom, as the battle rages on. When a brooding stranger arrives, James and his makeshift family take the man in. Soon, an unexpected bond leads to a striking romance, and everyone is in uncharted territory. But is love powerful enough to set your true self free?" (From official website)


Stephanie Berry - Aunt Mama
Sheldon Best - James
Fern Cozine - Isabel
Tiffany Rachelle Stewart - Mattie
Chinaza Uche - Henry

Produced by Manhattan Theatre Club
Written by Donja R. Love
Directed by Saheem Ali
Scenic Designer - Arnulfo Maldonado
Lighting Designer - Jason Lyons
Costume Designer - Dede Ayite
Hair & Make Up Designer - Cookie Jordan
Sound Designer - Palmer Hefferan
Original Music - Michael Thurber
Movement - Darrell Grand Moultrie
Fight Direction - Dave Anzuelo
Production SM - Jereme Kyle Lewis
Stage Manager - Erin McCoy

Hey, it's May!

What's up, guys? The weather is now actually getting warmer (FINALLY) so don't be a home-body and get your ass to the theatre! We got great recs (as always) so don't sleep on these shows.

Dance Nation.png

DANCE NATION @ Playwrights Horizons
until June 3

A pre-teen dance troupe is gearing up for their big competition: The Boogie Down Grand Prix in Tampa Bay! If they win there, they go on to a national tournament that could change their lives forever... It's all or nothing for these young girls (played by adult actors of varying ages) as they try and conquer the hardest routine of all: Adolescence and adulthood.

Produced by Playwrights Horizons
Written by Clare Barron
Directed and Choreographed by Lee Sunday Evans
Scenic Design - Arnulfo Maldonado
Costume Design - Ásta Bennie Hostetter
Lighting Design - Barbara Samuels
Sound Design - Brandon Wolcott
Production Stage Manager - Erin Gioia Albrecht
Assistant Stage Manager - Bryan Bauer


Purva Bedi — Connie
Eboni Booth — Zuzu
Camila Canó-Flaviá — Sofia
Ellen Maddow — Maeve
Christina Rouner — Vanessa/The Moms
Thomas Jay Ryan — Dance Teacher Pat
Dina Shihabi — Amina
Lucy Taylor — Ashlee
Ikechukwu Ufomadu — Luke


PARADISE BLUE @ Signature Theatre until June 10

1949 in Black Bottom, Detroit. Blue owns a jazz club in the heart of the jazz district that is being negotiated by the city for gentrification. Knowing that if he sells the club the surrounding clubs will follow suit, his friends and family are unwilling to let him relinquish ownership to developers. Though it seems that Blue understands the deep history of his club, he has dark personal demons he must deal with that may sway his thought. Can Blue retain his own sense of self? Will he be able to hear the jazz again?


Francois Battiste - P. Sam
Kristolyn Lloyd - Pumpkin
Simone Missick - Silver
J. Alphonse Nicholson - Blue
Keith Randolph Smith - Cornelius (Corn)

Produced by Signature Theatre
Written by Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Scenic Design - Neil Patel
Costume Design - Clint Ramos
Lighting Design - Rui Rita
Sound Design - Darron L West
Original Music - Kenny Rampton
Music Direcotr - Bill Sims, Jr.
Hair & Wig Design - Charles G. Lapointe
Fight Director - Thomas Schall
Production Stage Manager - Laura Wilson

The Great Leap.jpg

THE GREAT LEAP @ Atlantic Theater (Stage 2) until June 17

"San Francisco, spring 1989. Manford Lum, locally renowned on the sidewalk basketball courts of Chinatown, talks his way onto a college team, just before they travel to Beijing for a 'friendship' game. When they arrive, China is in the throes of the post-Cultural Revolution era, and Manford must juggle international politics and his own personal history." (From official website)

Produced by Atlantic Theater Company
Written by Lauren Yee
Directed by Taibi Magar
Scenic Design - Takeshi Kata
Costume Design - Tilly Grimes
Lighting Design - Eric Southern
Sound Design/Original Music - Palmer Hefferan
Projection Design - David Bengali
Movement Direction - Jesse Perez


Ali Ahn - Connie
Ned Eisenberg - Saul
Tony Aidan Vo - Manford
BD Wong - Wen Chang

April Shows, Come Get It!


Helloooooo, April! As the cold weather is starting to recede, we're welcoming spring with these great shows below! Be sure to check it out! Normally we don't recommend Broadway shows but Dede is a real one so be sure to check out her big debut at Studio 54! Also, big THANK YOU to Monet Hurst-Mendoza for filling in for Maria!

*PSSST! I was able to use a promo code "PPLMVR18" for Miss You Like Hell to get $30 (no fee) tickets.* 


@ The Public Theater until May 6

After reading Olivia's suicidal blog post, her estranged mother, Beatriz, travels to Philadelphia to pick her up from school and bring her back to California for a week. As the two journey west, what ostensibly began as a mother trying to help her daughter gets turned upside down when Olivia discovers that her mother is facing deportation. It is now Olivia that must help Beatriz but will she? Can she?


Marinda Anderson – Lawyer
Danny Bolero – Manuel
Andrew Cristi – Motel Desk Guy
Latoya Edwards – Pearl
Shawna M. Hamic – Legal Clerk
Marcus Paul James – Police Officer
Gizel Jiménez – Olivia
David Patrick Kelly – Higgins
Michael Mulheren – Mo
Daphne Rubin-Vega – Beatriz
Martín Solá – Manuel Understudy

Produced by The Public Theater
Book & Lyrics by Quiara Alegría Hudes
Music & Lyrics by Erin McKeown
Directed by Lear deBessonet
Choreography by Danny Mefford
Scenic Design - Riccardo Hernandez
Costume Design - Emilio Sosa
Lighting Design - Tyler Micoleau
Sound Design - Jessica Paz
Hair & Makeup Design - J. Jared Janas & Dave Bova
Co-Orchestrations - Charlie Rosen & Erin McKeown
Music Coordinator - Michael Aarons
Music Director - Cody Owen Stine
Music Supervisor & Additional Arrangements - Julie McBride


@ WP Theater until April 29

Workshop productions of NYC's most exciting, emerging and established, female & trans playwrights. Every weekend during the month of April, you can see a new play in the early stages of development on the upper west side at WP Theater.

This year's festival includes works by Donnetta Lavinia Grays, MJ Kaufman, Sylvia Khoury, Zoe Sarnak, and Leah Nanako Winkler.

Performances are Thursdays to Saturday with tickets going for $25/$35. A $60 pass for the entire festival is also offered. 


@ Studio 54 until September 9

The touching love story of James Leeds, a new teacher at a school for the deaf, and Sarah Norman, a deaf woman on the custodial staff, that begs the audience to really listen. This 1980 Tony Award winner for Best Play is revived with Joshua Jackson and Lauren Ridloff. Each performance will offer either closed captions, supertitles, or ASL interpretations. 


Julee Cerda - Edna Klein
Treshelle Edmond - Lydia
Anthony Edwards - Mr. Franklin
Joshua Jackson - James Leeds
Kecia Lewis - Mrs. Norman
John McGinty - Orin Dennis
Lauren Ridloff - Sarah Norman

James Caverly - Orin Dennis
Matthew Jaeger - James Leeds/Mr. Franklin
Gayle Samuels - Mrs. Norman/Edna Klein
Tami Lee Santimyer - Sarah Norman/Lydia

Produced by Berkshire Theater Group, Roundabout Theater Co., Tamar Climan, Hal Luftig, and others.
Written by Mark Medoff
Directed by Kenny Leo
Scenic Design - Derek McLane
Costume Design - Dede Ayite
Lighting Design - Mike Baldassari
Director of Artistic Sign Language - Alexandria Wailes
Sound Design - Jill BC Du Boff
Original Music - Branford Marsalis
Production Stage Manager - Cambra Overend
Stage Manager - Kamra A. Jacobs

March Shows in NYC!

What's up, everybody? It's March. It's cold (most of the time). But we are here with some fire theatre to heat things up. Don't miss these must see shows!


@ The Pershing Square Signature Center
 until March 25

Edward Albee, the master of brutal, quick, and raw dialogue, is revived in spectacular fashion with Lila Neugebauer's double header of Homelife and The Zoo Story. Act 1 is Homelife, which begins as all dreaded conversations do with a, "we should talk." What should have been a quiet day reading for Peter turns into an unforgettable, raw moment in their marriage as he and his wife, Ann, uncover dark truths about each other. Act 2 picks up right where we left off after Peter leaves his house to go to Central park where he meets a drifter, Jerry, in Albee's 1958 classic, The Zoo Story. How far are we willing to go to connect with one another?


Ann - Katie Finneran
Peter - Robert Sean Leonard
Jerry - Paul Sparks

Produced by Signature Theatre
Written by Edward Albee
Directed by Lila Neugebauer
Scenic Design - Andrew Lieberman
Costume Design - Kaye Voyce
Lighting Design - Japhy Weideman
Sound Design - Bray Poor
Fight Direction - UnkleDave's Fight House
Production Stage Manager - David Lurie-Perret


@ New York Theatre Workshop
 until March 25

Azeem is trying to get ahead at his bank, reconcile with his wife's decision to embrace a headscarf, and his parents' patriarchal relationship. Though he is a secular Muslim, Azeem begins to feel frustrated with British society as he can never seem to be seen other than his religious identity. He is caught in the immigrant catch-22: To declare your identity and be dragged down, or keep your head down and lose your heritage. 


Saima Khan – Purva Bedi
Akeel Bhatti – Ranjit Chowdhry
Azeem Bhatti – Sanjit De Silva
Javeria Bhatti-Mirza – Angel Desai
David Adkins – Andrew Hovelson
Irman Jameel – Harsh Nayyar
Hamza Jameel – Sathya Sridharan
Malika Bhatti – Rita Wolf

Produced by New York Theatre Workshop
Written by Hammaad Chaudry
Directed by Jo Bonney
Scenic design - Neil Patel
Costume design - Susan Hilferty
Lighting design - Lap Chi Chu
Sound design - Elisheba Ittoop
Fight direction - Thomas Schall
Dialect coach - Dawn-Elin Fraser
Stage Management - Lori Ann Zepp


IS GOD IS @ Soho Rep until March 31

Racine and Anaia are two sisters who have been severely burned as children. Racine has scars along her arm and Anaia's face is completely disfigured. One day they get a letter from their estranged mother, whom Racine refers to as God ("She created us, didn't she?"), to visit them in the hospital, where she has been staying for the last 20 or so years. When the sisters arrive, they are shocked to see that God's whole body is burnt and she is dying. Her final wish? Kill your father who did this to us and bring back a souvenir. Thus the two sisters journey to the west for righteous vengeance and bloody justice.


Man – Teagle F. Bougere
Riley – Anthony Cason
Angie – Nehassaiu deGannes
God/She – Jessica Frances Dukes
Scotch – Caleb Eberhardt
Anaia – Alfie Fuller
Chuck Hall – Michael Genet
Racine – Dame-Jasmine Hughes

Produced by Soho Rep
Written by Aleshea Harris
Directed by Taibi Magar
Scenic Design - Adam Rigg
Costume Design - Montana Levi Blanco
Lighting Design - Matthew Richards
Sound Design - Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Fight Direction - J. David Brimmer
Hair and Wig Design - Cookie Jordan
Props Design - Samantha Shoffner


@ The Duke on 42nd Street
until March 24

William works for NASA, tracking the location of Voyager 1 as it is about to break through to interstellar space. Betsy and Shoshana have been trying to have a baby for a while but have been unsuccessful. Tired of all the failed IVFs, she finally asks William if he would be her sperm donor. Will he accept? Can he really handle it? Family, space, and relationships collide in this cosmic tale of self-discovery.


Shoshana - Dana Berger
Betsy - Kaaron Briscoe
Freddy - Jon Hoche
The Farthest Explorer - Olivia Oguma
William - Jeffrey Omura

Produced by The Playwrights Realm
Written by Don Nguyen
Directed by Jade King Carroll
Set Design - Kimie Nishikawa
Costume Design - Ari Fulton
Sound Design - Elisheba Ittoop
Light Design - Nicole Pearce
Stage Manager - Kara Kaufman

February in NYC theatre!

This month we recommend 2 shows for you. Tickets are fairly inexpensive if you book them through TDF ($20ish). Make sure to follow us on Twitter/Instagram (@REtheatreNYC) for impromptu show recommendations!


@ The Soho Playhouse
 until Feb. 18

Josephine is a solo show by Tymisha Harris that tracks the life of the great dancer and activist, Josephine Baker. Though the set and lights are sparse, Harris' performance, choreography, and costumes explode like fireworks in this moving and exciting 75 minute journey. 

Produced by Dynamite Lunchbox & Soho Playhouse
Performed by Tymisha Harris
Written by Tod Kimbro
Directed by Michael Marinaccio
Production Stage Manager: Lindsay Taylor


[PORTO] @ WP Theater until Feb. 25

[PORTO] is a journey through the life and mind of a single woman in Brooklyn (most likely Bushwick or Williamsburg) who frequents a hipster bar that screams "gentrification." It is a story about battling the various contradictions about loving and hating things simultaneously. Can we have it both ways?


Doug the Bartender - Noel Joseph Allain
[] - Kate Benson
Raphael the Waiter - Ugo Chukwu
Hennepin - Jorge Cordova
Dry Sac - Leah Karpel
Porto - Julia Sirna-Frest

Produced by WP Theater & The Bushwick Starr, in association with New Georges

Written by Kate Benson
Directed by Lee Sunday Evans
Set Design - Kristen Robinson
Costume Design - Ásta Bennie Hostetter
Lighting Design - Amith Chandrashaker
Sound Design - Kate Marvin
Stage Management - Brett Anders
Production Management - Jenny Beth Snyder
Line Producer - John Del Gaudio, Rachel Karpf

January Shows and BroadwayCon!


January is jam packed with theatrical events so listen up! First off, make sure you check out Jose at STAGEBUDDY.COM but more importantly at the "Being a Critic of Color Panel Discussion" on January 27th (4 pm) if you're going to BroadwayCon later this month. He will be joined by panelists Wei-Huan Chen, Naveen Kumar, Kelundra Smith, Karen d'Souza, and Jan Simpson. 

Reach out to Jose on Twitter @josesolismayen!

Secondly, check out Ngozi's show at the Atlantic Theater. Previews start January 10th

And finally, we have January mentions! All info below:



Papa - Oberon K.A. Adjepong
Obina- Segun Akande
Chorus - Ebbe Bassey, Vinie Burrows, Patrice Johnson, Zenzi Williams
Beatrice - Mirirai Sithole
Kelechi - Mfoniso Udofia

Written by Ngozi Anyanwu
Directed by Awoye Timpo
Scenic Designer - Yu-Hsuan Chen
Costume Designer - Ntokozo Fuzunina Kunene
Lighting Designer - Oona Curley
Sound & Original Compositions - Amatus Karim-Ali
Music Director - Nolufefe Mtshabe
Movement Director - Hope Boykin
Dialect Coach - Ebbe Bassey
Production Stage Manager - Gwendolyn M. Gilliam
Assistant Stage Manager - Joanna Muhlfelder

January mentions.png

Written by Milo Cramer
Directed by Morgan Green
Original Music Composition and Vocal Arrangement by Deepali Gupta
Lyrics by Milo Cramer
Set Design - Meredith Ries
Costume Design - Sabrina Bianca Guillaume
Lighting Design - Cha See
Sound Design, Instrumental Arrangement and Orchestrations - John Gasper
Video Design - Stivo Arnoczy
Puppet Design - Amanda Villalobos
Prop Design - Cheyanne Williams
Producer for New Saloon - Caroline Gart
Stage Manager - Sam McCann
Production Manager - Russell Maclin
Technical Director - Drew Francis
Master Electrician - Megan Lang
Assistant Producer - Ryan Gedrich
Assistant Stage Manager - Priscilla Villanueva


David Greenspan
Annie Henk
Mia Katigbak
Ronald Peet
Madeline Wise


@ Cherry Lane Theatre

ALL READINGS ARE FREE! Reservations begin JAN. 15. 

Plays by Luna Lauren Velez, Stephen Belber, Brett C. Leonard, Felix Solis, Stephen Adly Guirgis, and many more!


Acquanetta - Mikaela Bennett
Brainy Woman - Amelia Watkins
Ape - Eliza Bagg
Doctor - Timur
Director - Matt Boehler
Chorus - Members of The Choir of Trinity Wall Street

Produced by Beth Morrison Projects in association with Bang on a Can and Trinity Church Wall Street. 

Composer - Michael Gordon
Librettist - Deborah Artman
Director - Daniel Fish
Conductor - Daniela Candillari
Scenic Designers - Amy Rubin & Jim Findlay
Video Designer - Josh Higgason
Costume Designer - Terese Wadden
Sound Designer - Garth MacAleavey
Lighting Designer - Barbara Samuels

December Shows!

For this month's episode, we went to see Jocelyn Bioh's show and it was spectacular. Vivacious, hilarious, poignant, and tragic, this play swept us away. Make sure you go and catch it before it closes this month!

Since we only brought you one show we were confident with, we also tagged a few shows we are very excited about but could not fit in to the show's schedule. 


Produced by MCC Theater
Written by Jocelyn Bioh
Directed by Rebecca Taichman
Set Design - Arnulfo Maldonado
Costume Design - Dede M. Ayite
Lighting Design - Jen Schriever
Sound Design - Palmer Hefferan
Hair and Wig Design - Cookie Jordan
Prop Design - Noah Mease
Dialect Coach - Deborah Hecht
Production Stage Manager - Laura Wilson
Stage Manager - Ayisha Hunt


Ericka Boafo - Nabiyah Be
Paulina Sarpong - MaameYaa Boafo
Gifty - Paige Gilbert
Eloise Amponsah - Zainab Jah
Ama - Níke Kadri
Nana - Abena Mensah-Bonsu
Mercy - Mirirai Sithole
Headmistress Francis - Myra Lucretia Taylor

December mentions.png


until JAN. 7

Winner of multiple awards and finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Sarah DeLappe's debut play blew up the Off Broadway scene last year at Playwrights Realm. Now getting a second wind and once again directed by the incomparable Lila Neugebaur, this sold out show is the talk of the town. If you can manage, definitely go see it. Or travel to a different state to catch a regional production? 




Directed by Kip Fagan, Susan Soon He Stanton's sound-scaped (romantic?) comedy is about a down-on-her-luck journalist, Emily, who returns to her hometown in Hawaii after getting fed up with the hustle of NYC. Unfortunately, she finds out that you can't simply will a career (or relationship) into existence, no matter how many phone calls you make. Told through a beautifully chaotic tapestry of phone calls, radio DJs, and foley sounds, Today Is My Birthday is a magnificent display of how loneliness manifests in the age of constant connection.

"Got to see it soon after we shot the episode and I highly recommend it! Tickets are cheap ($20-$40) and the production is truly one of a kind. Intimate, poignant, and hilarious, the play had me from beginning to end." - Ray


A ROOM IN INDIA (Une chambre en Inde)


Produced by Théâtre du Soleil and directed by its founder, Ariane Mnouchkine, this French transfer explores the chaos that plagues our globe. From terrorism to global warming, this 3 and a half hour epic with a 35 member, multi-national cast is a tour-de-force that reinforces the importance of theatre. It opens today so go check it out!

From Broadwayworld.com:

"In A Room in India, the director of a Parisian theater company on tour in India quits, feeling helpless and weak after a terror attack leaves them unable to travel home. His assistant, now alone to lead the company, must create a new commissioned work that is set to premiere within days. In her anxiety-ridden state, the new director has a series of dreams that attempt to make sense of the role of theater and art in the current world and her own fear of terrorism-including visits from Shakespeare, Chekhov, an Indian theater troupe, Ghandi, and members of the Taliban. Elements of Western and Eastern drama appear in her troubled dreams to make sense of modern life, including a Terukkuttu ensemble performing an ancient form of theater that originated in South India using elaborate costumes, props, and instruments. The end result is a manifesto of the power of theater to heal a community, as well as an exploration of how to talk about the chaos of a world that has become incomprehensible. The Théâtre du Soleil started work on A Room in India during a residency in Pondicherry, India, in 2016, shortly after the terrorist attacks of November 2015 in Paris."

November Shows!

We recommended 2 shows for our November episode! We also added info for Jocelyn's show so make sure to check that out too. Side note: Some of these shows might extend. Check the show's website (all linked below) for the most up-to-date info. 

Again, make sure to check Today Tix, TDF, and other discount sites for cheaper tickets. Always ask box office for rush/student/under 30 policy if you're short on cash. I feel you. 


Charlie D'Amico - Erick Betancourt
Angel Cruz - Sean Carvajal
Valdez - Ricardo Chavira
Mary Jane Hanrahan - Stephanie DiMaggio
Lucius Jenkins - Edi Gathegi

Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis
Directed by Mark Brokaw
Scenic Design - Riccardo Hernandez
Costume Design - Dede M. Ayite
Lighting Design - Scott Zielinski
Sound Design - M.L. Dogg
Dialect Coach - Deborah Hecht
Wig and Make Up Design - Cookie Jordan
Production Stage Manager - Linda Marvel


Oedipus, Coro – Juan Castano
Jocasta – Sandra Delgado
Tiresias, Coro – Julio Monge
Creon, Coro – Joel Perez
Coro – Brian Quijada
Coro – Reza Salazar
Laius, Coro – Juan Francisco Villa

In collaboration with The Sol Project
Written by Luis Alfaro
Directed by Chay Yew
Scenic Design – Riccardo Hernandez
Costume Design – Anita Yavich
Lighting Design – Lap Chi Chu
Original Music & Sound Design – Fabian Obispo


Ericka Boafo - Nabiyah Be
Paulina Sarpong - MaameYaa Boafo
Gifty - Paige Gilbert
Eloise Amponsah - Zainab Jah
Ama - Níke Kadri
Nana - Abena Mensah-Bonsu
Mercy - Mirirai Sithole
Headmistress Francis - Myra Lucretia Taylor

Produced by MCC Theater
Written by Jocelyn Bioh
Directed by Rebecca Taichman
Set Design - Arnulfo Maldonado
Costume Design - Dede M. Ayite
Lighting Design - Jen Schriever
Sound Design - Palmer Hefferan
Hair and Wig Design - Cookie Jordan
Prop Design - Noah Mease
Dialect Coach - Deborah Hecht
Production Stage Manager - Laura Wilson
Stage Manager - Ayisha Hunt

November in Astoria!!


If you don't already make regular trips to the beautiful borough of Queens, November is a great time to visit. The Astoria Performing Arts Center (APAC) is producing my good friend, Monet Hurst-Mendoza's Veil'd. It runs from November 2nd to the 18th! Definitely swing by for this. Below is a synopsis:

"Not every fairy tale has sunshine. This world-premiere play follows Dima, a 16-year old girl with a rare skin condition. Cloistered away in her bedroom, her parents worry that she’ll never have the “normal” American teenage experience they sought for her when they came to New York from Afghanistan. Little do they know that Dima’s getting by with some help from her secret friends — Elliot, a poet who hangs out under her window hawking rhymes, and Speedo, a talking nurse shark who saves the day in more ways than one. But will Dima get her happy ending? Rapunzel never had it this bad … or this good."

American Tradition mock up poster.png

On November 6th, come check out your boy's play reading of The American Tradition produced by Mission to Ditmars at The Broom Tree Theatre at 7 pm. It's free but please reserve a seat HERE


Maria writes for Theatre Is Easy!

Unfortunately, RE: only puts out a video a month, which means that on occasion we'll see a show that we love but cannot fit into our schedule*. Thankfully, Maria writes for Theatre Is Easy where she can recommend shows outside of RE:. 

On that note, make sure you go see Syncing Ink at The Flea Theater! You can read her review of it HERE! It runs until October 29th!

*Shows generally need to run, at least, into the second week of the month so viewers actually have a chance to see them.