Maria writes for Theatre Is Easy!

Unfortunately, RE: only puts out a video a month, which means that on occasion we'll see a show that we love but cannot fit into our schedule*. Thankfully, Maria writes for Theatre Is Easy where she can recommend shows outside of RE:. 

On that note, make sure you go see Syncing Ink at The Flea Theater! You can read her review of it HERE! It runs until October 29th!

*Shows generally need to run, at least, into the second week of the month so viewers actually have a chance to see them. 

October Shows! It's Our First Episode!

Here's more information on the shows we recommend for October! Tickets range from $20 to $90. Be sure to check TDF, Today Tix, and each theatre's rush policy to get cheaper tickets. 

IN THE BLOOD - runs until October 15 at The Signature Theatre.

CHARM - runs until October 15 at The Lucille Lortel Theatre.

BREEDERS - runs until October 14 at The Access Theater.

OH MY SWEET LAND - runs until October 22 at a kitchen near you.

Please check out these wonderful shows and thanks for visiting. Be sure to engage and recommend shows to us!